Collection: Tropical Wildlife Field Guides

Embark on an educational odyssey with our comprehensive Tropical Wildlife Field Guides. This detailed collection is your gateway to the colorful and diverse creatures of tropical Central America, spanning across various habitats and species:
  • Tropical Amphibians: Discover the dazzling array of frogs and other amphibians that hop and thrive in the lush tropics.
  • Tropical Birds: Elevate your birdwatching with our guide to the region's feathered residents, from the treetops to the skies.
  • Tropical Butterflies: Marvel at the kaleidoscope of butterflies, detailing each species’ unique patterns and colors.
  • Tropical Mammals: Get to know the furry inhabitants of the tropics, from the stealthy jaguar to the playful monkeys.
  • Tropical Reef Fish: Dive into the underwater world with a guide to the vibrant fish that decorate the coral reefs.
  • Tropical Reptiles: Learn about the scaly denizens, from languid lizards to captivating snakes that call the tropics home.

Each guide is richly illustrated, providing enthusiasts and tourists alike with scientific accuracy and visual appeal. Affordably priced at $4.95 each, they open up a world of exploration and appreciation for the abundant life in tropical regions.