About Us

HML Enterprises specializes in crafting and delivering exquisitely illustrated wildlife field guides that are meticulously accurate from a scientific standpoint. By working in partnership with Rainforest Publications, we are able to harness their cutting-edge printing and laminating processes, resulting in guides that boast exceptional quality and longevity. These guides are specifically designed to withstand UV exposure, ensuring their durability throughout countless snorkeling trips, diving adventures, sport fishing excursions, whale-watching endeavors, and tropical escapades. Furthermore, they will serve as cherished keepsakes that allow you to relive your exhilarating experiences long after you've returned home.

You can purchase individual guides through this site or place wholesale orders.

HML Enterprises is the U.S. distributor for the entire line of Rainforest Publications field guides, in addition to the assorted field guides to Pacific Marine Wildlife and Tropical Wildlife.